Travel Tip Tuesday # 2: Duct Tape

Yepper. You read that right. Duct tape. You should NEVER travel without it. That’s right, I said it. NEVER. Don’t ever do it.  💪🏼

I’ll start by telling you our personal Frogger story about and the moment I realized why it’s a must have and we’ll move on from there. 😬

If you follow my Facebook page (insert shameless plug: Five Sandals Travel), you might already know what story I am going to tell you, but humor me and follow along. 

Picture it: G5 was all packed up and on our way to Florida for Spring Break. We have one of those hard shell turtle type carriers for the roof. My husband always puts bungee cords over it even though it latches. It was SUPER WINDY, but we were happily traveling down the highway (this happiness credit can pretty much be given to Dodge for having a plug in the van, Roku for working in the van, Netflix and Verizon for my hotspot 😍😍). I happened to be driving and looked out my mirror and thought “that sucks, someone just lost a big, blue bag.” A few seconds later I looked up and said (well, I cannot say what I actually said 😳 so I’ll translate it) “that was a softball glove and a softball!-OUR SOFTBALL AND GLOVE!” 

Ultimately, our latch was a bit loose on the carrier p, and it was so windy, that the latch actually BLEW OFF the carrier!!! Thank GOODNESS my husband also bungeed the carrier closed (points for G1)  However, it was flapping open a bit and stuff was being sucked out!! 

We had just bought that stinking $80 softball glove for my daughter, so we went back to look for it! There was my husband, crossing 3 lanes of traffic to get the glove (kids, do NOT try that 💪🏼) -and we got it! We ended up stopping at a gas station because I broke Traveling Tip # 2 and did not have duct tape. 😖 I will never make that mistake again. 

That lovely, silver roll of duct tape held the carrier shut for the 1,000 remaining miles of our trip. ❤️


Duct tape will fix anything, and if it won’t-you’re not using enough!
In addition to keeping my carrier closed at 75 mph for 1,000 miles, there are a gazillion other uses for duct tape when traveling. Let’s list a few:

1. Band aids.  No kidding! In a pinch, you could wrap a Dunkin Donuts napkin (I know you have a giant stash of those and straws in your glove compartment-we all do) around a finger or over a cut and secure it with duct tape. 

2. Fix any hole.  Slap a piece over a hole in a back pack, suitcase, jacket-pretty much anything. 

3. Fix a hem.  You’re heading out to dinner and realize the hem on your skirt or pants is hanging. Cut a small piece of tape and tape it back up.  Wa-lah! 

4. Make your luggage unique.  Use one of those fancy rolls of duct tape and fold it in half and put it through the handle of your suitcase, or put a piece across the front. 

5. Hide your loot. Use duct tape to hide your money, passport, keys, etc. under furniture or under a cabinet in a hotel room.

6. Receipt holder.  I use this for random things at home and took it on vacation with us. I picked up a coupon holder at the Dollar Tree and grabbed a roll of matching duct tape. I prettied up the coupon holder and I then used it to keep track of receipts for gas, food, activities-basically anything we swiped our cards for. It worked beautifully to keep us organized! 

$2 receipt/ money holder

So, see, I wasn’t kidding! You really need duct tape for traveling. It’s uses are only limited by your imagination (and desperation level 😂) 

If you’ve used it while traveling, comment and let us know what you’ve used duct tape for!