Traveling, packing and tips. Oh my!

Travel. We all love it. 

Well. Most people do. I probably shouldn’t speak for the world as a whole. That clearly would not be proper.  So, we’ll go with this:

Travel. Lots of people like it.

That seems better and a bit more inclusive. Right?

I am someone who loves to travel. I am from Upstate NY and moved to Tampa, Florida at 19. I spent many happy years exploring the state. I moved back to Upstate New York (I know what you’re thinking and I have NO IDEA what I was thinking 😒) in my late 20’s met my husband (I like to think this is why I moved back to a place with very little going on, but I digress) and we continued to travel. (I also like parentheses a lot. 😂)

I have been lucky enough to have been to the Dominican Republic and Riveria Maya in Mexico. We cruised to Roatan, Belize, Grand Cayman and Cozumel. We have also taken countless trips up and down the East Coast. There were a lot of great trips in there. Most I remember. Some are a bit sketchy in my memory, but I’m sure those were good too! 

Then we had 3 kids. Not only did we have kids-My second pregnancy was twins! Yep. When my daughter was just over 2, I had twin boys. So, we went from a traveling couple, to a family of 3 fairly quickly and then jumped to a family of 5! We refer to our family as G5 and refer to our kids as G3. Our friends refer to us this way too. So, since we’re friends now (is that too thinking we’re now friends?!)  G5 and G3 we will be!

After our kids were born, our international travel went on the back burner. However, we continued to travel. My daughter is just about 10 and my boys are 7 and they have been to Disney World twice already. (Spoiled much?!) In our defense, my in laws live in South Florida, so one of those trips was with my husbands family. 😬  We have flown with the kids to Florida and taken COUNTLESS road trips to Florida with them. They have been to the Jersey Shore, NC, and the Keys.  We have our first family cruise scheduled for December (squeeeee!)

Why do I tell you this? So you’ll know that I have been around the block-in a good way. Not the icky “she’s been around the block” way 😉. I get traveling. I understand the excitement of deciding where to go. The anticipation of planning. The agony of packing. Not only packing, but PACKING. you know what I mean..packing for kids. 😳 I have packed for infants (x2), toddlers (x3), preschool age kids and now kids able to almost pack themselves (if you consider slipping in a Fart Gun and Nerf guns “packing themselves”). I understand the tug of war between the desire to get home and the sadness that it’s over. 

I AM you. 

Well, I am a lot of you-not all of you.  (there I go again speaking for everyone as a whole 😖) 

Not only am I a parent who travels, I’m a travel professional who loves research, social media, tips and information. My goal is to help families travel by offering ideas, tips, suggestions and information (or do the work for you, book your trip and take all the details off your mind. Just a thought! 😃). I want to help families find the joy in unplugging, for just a bit, and experience all the amazing things available to them. You can travel across the pond, cruise another country or stay closer to home. In the end, it’s all about experiencing something new and amazing. I hope I can help take a load off your mind with something as simple as a packing tip, a location suggestion or a horror story of my own that you can learn from (stay tuned for our Frogger story.  Yep. Pretty much exactly what you’re imagining. It WAS a $70 softball glove after all!)

I look forward to sharing my experiences and ideas with you as much as I look forward to hearing yours! I want this to be an interactive place where we can all help one another make the best possible memories! 

Until next time! 


P.S. Here we are!