7 Ways to Save For Disney 

The ✨ magic ✨of Disney doesn’t come cheap.

However, you should absolutely still go! I think everyone should have at least one Disney trip under their belt during their lifetime. Preferably more. They way you experience Disney changes based on the stages of your life and who you’re going with. My first trip was when I was 21 years old. During my early 20’s I was fortunate enough to live in Tampa, so I made many trips to Disney. Since my children have been born, we have made 2 trips and we know that there will be another one when they are all in their teens. All of those trips were completely different, but all of them were fun!

You:  “Wait a minute! You just told us Disney was expensive, but you’re telling us to go?!”

Me: “Absolutely. ”

The picture below is why. This is one of so many pictures I have from my kids’ first visit. They were struck by Disney ✨Magic✨at every turn and their faces and memories are priceless from that first trip. ❤️As they get older the magic they love is still there. I promise.

I have put together a list of ways you can save for your Disney trip so paying for it doesn’t have your checkbook coughing and gasping for air. Ready:

  1. Layaway it. I tell my clients, potential clients, strangers I meet that vacations can very often be put on “layaway”. You can book most trips with a deposit and make payments until it is time to travel. Disney is no exception to this idea. Disney can be booked with a $200.00 deposit. This will secure your room, your dining and your tickets. You are then able to make payments on your trip. You final payment is due 30 days before you travel. You can make consistent monthly payments, haphazard payments or not make a payment at all until your final payment is due. Every Disney client I have books their trips this way.
  2. Disney Savings Plan. Disney releases their prices and opens their reservations around mid-summer of the previous year. The 2018 rates will be released the summer of 2017. So, how do you plan for a trip in 2019 or 2020 if you cannot make your reservation and book with a deposit?  Through Disney’s website you can set up a Disney Savings Plan (does not collect interest). You can then transfer money into your account and when you are ready to book your trip, the money is transferred onto a Disney Gift Card and you can use this to book with your travel agent!
  3. Automatic Savings Plan. We use an ING account, but I am sure most banks or credit unions have accounts you can set up that will allow you to set up automatic deposits into that account. Pick a weekly amount that you’re comfortable with and set it up! $15 a week adds up to $780 at the end of the year.
  4. Disney Gift Cards. Most major retailers sell Disney gift cards right in the store. You can ask for them for birthday and Christmas gifts, pick up one when you have a bit of extra money or on a regular basis. When you are ready to book, you can use your gift cards. Here is a savings tip: Sam’s Club sells a multi-pack of Disney Gifts cards (3x$50) for $144.98. Also, if you have a Target Red card and your Target sells Disney gift cards, you could save 5% on the purchase of a gift card. $5.00 or 5% savings can add up!
  5. Save Change and Small Bills. You would be surprised how quickly money adds up if you are saving all of your change and $1 bills. Why not have your kids make a “Disney container” and the whole family can get in on the savings?! Your kids will love helping save for Disney!
  6. Cans and Bottles. Don’t laugh about the cans and bottles! I save them up for our summer vacation and 5 large black bags add up to close to $70! It might not pay for your entire trip, but this combined with saving changes could very well pay for your dining plan!
  7. Clean out your closets. We all have things we no longer need or wants. Why not have a garage sale or sell some items on Craigslist (safely!) or Facebook. Deposit the money you earned directly into one of you vacations accounts!

These are just a few ideas to help get you started with your Disney savings. The Disney magic is worth every penny!

Author: Five Sandals Travel

I am a travel professional, an ocean and travel lover, a wife and mother. I log a lot of miles traveling with my family and my goal is to help families plan amazing vacations and make unforgettable memories.

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