How do you feel about hotel sheets? Inquiring minds would like to know. ðŸ˜¬

Hotel rooms. We all love them. They usually mean that you somewhere else and doing something fun.  What they also mean is that you are not at home loading a dishwasher full of dishes, putting away laundry or listening to an episode of iCarly for the bazillionth time. (😩)

I was trying to figure out what I was going to write about tonight and it just came to me as I was making my boys’ beds (I know it is 7:00 pm. Don’t judge me about it. 😖) For some reason, I thought how one of my girlfriends doesn’t use a top sheet. Her family just uses the fitted sheet and no top sheet. I know. I always thought it a bit odd, however she is not in the minority on this issue. (😘 Meg if you’re reading this). 

That led me to think about how she mentioned once that they take their own sheets to hotels. 🤔 What were my thoughts on that, I wondered. I surprised myself when I thought “I don’t hate it. Whatever makes someone’s stay the most enjoyable it can be-that’s the whole point!”

This train of thought led me to my sister. We have teased one of my sisters for years because if she is staying in a hotel, she almost sleeps as if she were an Eskimo trying to keep all her skin covered to avoid frostbite! (Maybe I am just surrounded by people with sheet phobias⁉️)

Let’s face it. We have all seen people like Diane Sawyer or Geraldo Rivera wander through hotel rooms with one of these looking for…😨 icky stuff.  (I could not subject any of us to some of the images I saw of low budget motel rooms with black lights 😷):

Their icky reports have you thinking you should carry around a black light everywhere you go to check for errant DNA.  (maybe we should, black lights can be fun! 🎉😂).

However, as much as I respect  people like Diane and Geraldo (not even a little bit), I actually feel pretty comfortable in most hotel rooms I’ve been in (if we disregard places I stayed in my early 20’s, but then I didn’t care 😳) . Not only do shows like this make for compelling television, I think they are necessary.  Reports like these make clean and reputable places better. It keeps them up on their toes.  I’m not saying that they are perfect, but I’m saying it makes them try harder to be perfect.  This is a situation where travel agents can often be helpful. We have lengthy lists of contacts and can find you the best hotels out there-hopefully the ones that are on their toes. 

As much as we would all like to be free of  gross germs all the time, we cannot live in a bubble.  Remember what happened to Bubble Boy? Even his bubble popped. 😟 (A nod to Seinfeld for my husband 😘) 

So, leave the black light at home, and get out and see the world!


Author: Five Sandals Travel

I am a travel professional, an ocean and travel lover, a wife and mother. I log a lot of miles traveling with my family and my goal is to help families plan amazing vacations and make unforgettable memories.

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