Do you collect items when you travel? 

I have always been a bit jealous of people who collected things. I always remember wishing I was a collector of something.  (I should have been a bit clearer with my wish. Enter “be careful what you wish for”. As a mom I feel like I now collect dirty laundry 😒). I tried stickers when I was a kid and that was as far as I ever got. I seemed to lose interest pretty quickly (admittedly, I feel the same way about the dirty laundry 🙄)

Over the years my husband and I would pick up items on our various travels. I believe I have a shoe box of shot glasses from various trips packed away somewhere from our pre-kid jaunts. We didn’t make it a point to collect them and have some large collection of shot glasses-getting them just seemed necessary  natural in our late 20’s. 😇

I love that my (almost) 10 year old daughter took it upon herself to start collecting something (my inner 9 year old who couldn’t manage to collect anything is a bit miffed about this 😖). We got her a giant Belle snow/water globe before a trip to Disney a few years ago and that was it. She then had to have them for every holiday and from places we traveled. Much like our stickers, it’s fun for her (and for us) to find them.


a portion of her collection


A couple of years ago we ended up getting one of those hard shell luggage carriers for the top of our van (see my previous post on that carrier 😖) and BAM! We became collectors of travel stickers for it (the 7 year old in me loves this! 👧🏼). Everywhere we go, we find ourselves trying to ferret out the neatest stickers to slap up on it! It is something that we enjoy doing and it often can take us off the beaten patch to locate a small shop or store that actually sells them-and that has become part of the fun!

We only use the carrier a couple of times a year, but we search for the stickers all year long.  There is something so great about pulling the carrier out and talking about where we got the stickers, how we found the place we got them, and remembering our various trips.

I know someone who collects Christmas tree ornaments and another who collects to magnets. In the end, it doesn’t matter what you collect-the fun in collecting is the memories your collections bring back to you!

Do you collect anything travel specific?



Author: Five Sandals Travel

I am a travel professional, an ocean and travel lover, a wife and mother. I log a lot of miles traveling with my family and my goal is to help families plan amazing vacations and make unforgettable memories.

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