Taking your child’s friend on vacation: yay or nay?

I had no intention of writing a post tonight. In fact, I said I was taking the night off and giving you a break. How did that work out for me?! I clearly have no ability to follow my own rules (don’t mention this to my kids-they’ll find a way to hold it against me. 😱) We’re taking a couple of my daughter’s friends to a hockey game tomorrow night and for some reason this question popped into my head.

It’s probably because my family has a couple of issues when it comes to amusement parks, sporting events, etc.

1) We are a family of 5, so that can automatically be a struggle because we’re an odd number.

2) My daughter can often feel left. She will be 10 in July and the boys will be 8 in November. They have a built in best friend (👬) on any adventure and that kind of leaves her out with nobody to pal around with.

When I was my daughter’s age I started taking a friend on vacation with my family for a similar reason. I have two younger sisters and growing up they were close and I was the odd man out. So, I took a friend with me for YEARS AND YEARS.   If we look back at family vacation pictures, you would think my parents had 4 girls! 😂😂

The funny thing is, I cannot imagine one of my daughter’s friends schlepping off with us for a week somewhere. Not because I don’t love them, because I do! 👯👯  They are all great girls, but it just seems like it would be too much for them to be gone with us for that amount of time. (G5 is tons of fun (🎉🎉🎉) so that clearly would not be an issue 😉) I wonder what the difference is between when I was growing up and now. Or, maybe there is only a difference to me. Hmmm. There is something to ponder  🤔

Anywho. Back to my original question. Taking a child’s friend on vacation. Would you? Could you? Should you? If so, at what age do you do that?!

I’d really like you to share your thoughts about this (because I have a grand total of zero about it 😕).



Author: Five Sandals Travel

I am a travel professional, an ocean and travel lover, a wife and mother. I log a lot of miles traveling with my family and my goal is to help families plan amazing vacations and make unforgettable memories.

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