Where to go Wednesday: Family Cruise 

Don’t be afraid. 

I promise that I am not proposing a family vacation that will require you to leave your first born behind as payment for your trip (unless you have a hormonal teenager that you would LIKE to leave behind 😁).

Most people believe that cruises are far too expensive for a family vacation. However, most people like to poo-poo anything they don’t understand. 😒

Let’s breakdown a cruise and see what you get for your hard earned dollars. 

I chose a 7 day Eastern Carribean cruise for a family of 4, out of Miami, leaving on July 9th in a balcony room. You would visit the Bahamas, St. Thomas USVI, San Juan, Puerto Rico, and Grand Turk. You also get to spend two full days at sea exploring your amazing floating city!

Food: For those 7 days all of your food is “free” (Free: meaning included in your fare-nothing in life is truly free! 🍷🍸🍻are also not included). You can eat all day and all night.  ***let’s put a number on this. A family of 4 who needs 3 meals a day for 7 days could easily cost $910 (average $30 for breakfast, $40 for lunch and $60 for dinner)***

Entertainment: Ships are LOADED with everything from giant water slides and outdoor movies on ginormous screens by the pool to miniature golf. Casinos, spas, pools (both family AND adult only so you can get a bit of time alone with your one and only 😉)..the list is endless! And, let’s use that “F” word again-it’s all FREE (except for spa services). Seriously. How could anyone say it wouldn’t be amazing to spend a week with your family making memories like these?! The ships also have amazing clubs for kids to spend time in while onboard. This is when they adult only pool I mentioned would be a good time to check out. 😍  ***this one is a bit more difficult to put a number on. If we figure $60 a day (4 people x $15 to play mini golf is $60) we’d land around $420***

 Shore Activities: What your family decides to do at the various ports of call is TOTALLY up to you. You can go to the beach, see the sights-the things to do are endless  and the amount of money you spend would also be up to you.  ***this is another shot in the dark. Let’s equate it to extra activities and souvenirs. I’m going to throw out $200 (which is prob too cheap- I know what my family of 5 can spend on entertainment and activities when we’re on vacation 💸💸💸💸💸)***

Getting to the ship: Ok. There is a catch to cruising. 😖 Getting to the port is an expense that is not part of the fare. That having been said, if you live on the east coast, there is probably a port within 6 hours of where you live. Most people  do not realize you can cruise out of New York City, NJ, Baltimore, Norfolk, Charleston, Port Caneveral, Miami and Tampa. So, save the airfare and take a road trip to the port! 

Hotel: I came up with an average for an ocean front room for 4 people. That amount was $360.43/night. So. Over 7 days, that’s a total of $2,520 

I know by now you’re thinking “good GRIEF Heather-what’s the bottom line!”  Here it is. 

This cruise I mentioned above would cost $3771.88

The comparison (I use that term loosely) adds up to $4,050. That actually makes the cruise potentially LESS expensive than a week at the beach. 

So, see! You CAN consider cruising with your family and make amazing memories!!! 

We have 271 days until our family cruise, how long until yours?! 😉

☀️ Heather 
P.S. All images are probably copywriten and belong to Carnival 


Author: Five Sandals Travel

I am a travel professional, an ocean and travel lover, a wife and mother. I log a lot of miles traveling with my family and my goal is to help families plan amazing vacations and make unforgettable memories.

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